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22, Vergine
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Dettagli importanti di Soft-Alexa
Preferenza sessualeEtero
Altezza>5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Peso120 - 140 lbs [55 - 60 kg]
LingueTedesco, Inglese
SenoTaglia S
CuloTaglia S
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Are you looking for someone who can understand you, your needs, and your secrets? Look no further! I'm here to keep you happy! . I'm a private type of woman who can take control or submit to your desires, and nothing else matters but you and me :)

My name is Alexa and I’m your soulmate!
I related to the culture, I have to go to the cinema on theater at least one time a month :)
I love good food and red wine. I’m happy to meet my friends and new people, having a good conversation. I love eroticism and good sex. I love to give and receive pleasure. All your dreams, even your nightmares, if you want I can fulfill them, take me to the limit, even if it is never enough..

The things that excite me the most, is to Dominate you, show you the best side of it. Giving instructions, making fun of your little dick or even destrony those balls is a pleasure for me. If yo uare searchong for someone who will Humiliate you, stay with me and let me make you cry. Im into any fetishes, but please ask me first if I will do the one you want. I also love to tease, talk dirty, fantasize and make oy ucum with my body.

But I also have some rules you have to obey.

-Don't spam, because i will have to kick you out of my room
-Be nice to me and onther people in my room
-Don't force me to things I'm not into
-Be aware of the fact im not a nude model

What are you waiting for ? Let's have the fun we both need today ;)
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